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Hello creative people of the world! Take your chance to get deep into photography. Study in small classes and benefit from experienced lecturers and internationally renowned photographers.

How Do You Want To Study?

3-Month Course

If you are interested in a 3-Month Course, you can check out what’s on offer here. All basic courses are suitable for beginners and require no previous photographic knowledge.

The advanced courses are aimed at photographers with some experience and previous knowledge.

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Online Course

Would you like to study from the comfort of your own home and determine your own study times?

Then the online course IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY is just right for you. Every third day for one month you will receive a new lesson on the most important applications of photography. Each lesson includes many interesting facts, explanations of contexts and image examples. You will also receive challenging tasks that will help you to improve your photographic skills in a fun way.

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Full Study Program

We offer a Full Study Program in which you will learn all the important photographic basics within 2 years and acquire the skills for a professional approach to photography through assignments across the many uses of photography. Afterwards, you can deepen your photographic knowledge in the Masterclass with a project of your choice. 

Applications for the Full Study Program can be submitted at any time. Courses start in August, November and March.

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Talking About Photography

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What others say

"A well-rounded curriculum on the world of studio & staged photography delivered by a versatile group of working professionals from various fields in the industry. I really enjoyed this course !"

Celine Chappert, France, 2022

"A structured and tailored approach to teaching which allows students space to develop in their own direction."

Rachel Hughes, Canada, 2021/2022

"I have a new perspective on photography now, especially due to the fact that the course was INTERNATIONAL."

Daria Biliak, Ukraine, 2014/2015

Upcoming Courses

Analogue Basics and Street Photography

14 August 2023

Photo: Marina Todorovic
Photo: Marina Todorovic

Study Trip to Mexico City

16 July 2023

Photo: Marc Volk
Photo: Marc Volk


16 August 2023

Photo: Pervin Donmez
Photo: Pervin Donmez

Art and Personal Photography

15 August 2023

Photo: Leonardo Flores
Photo: Leonardo Flores

Individual Lesson

Photo: Jerome Jossin
Photo: Jerome Jossin