Fashion and Portraiture Lighting


This weekend workshop is for everyone who wants to learn how to work in a professional photo studio. You will spend 2 days together with experienced fashion photographer Lotte Thor in Studio Velt. She will show you how to use modern flash systems and light shapers. The intensive training will take place in a small group of max. 8 people. At the end of each session you will have the opportunity to work on your own in the studio.

You will come out with a knowledge of how to conduct your own shoots with studio lights, a good understanding of the fundamentals of light, photos for your portfolio, and a sharpened eye for lighting people.

Saturday and Sunday, October 15th and 16th 2022, each from 10am - 3pm.
The fee for this workshop is EUR 320,00.

Starting on: 15 October 2022
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Course Structure

The workshop will be held by Lotte Thor in Studio Velt, Urbanstr. 71, 10967 Berlin.

It consists of 2 teaching days, each from 10 am to 3 pm, with a one hour lunch break.

Please bring:
Some work from your own portfolio (printed or digital) // Some fashion/portraiture photographs you admire - especially if you wonder how the lighting was achieved // Your digital camera (analog is also optional) // Your laptop with Capture one or Lightroom installed. If you don't have a laptop, please bring a hard drive or USB so you can take your results home.
What will be covered:
The variables that shape light: distance, direction, and shape // Different lighting modifiers // Extra tools to shape light, grids, gels, diffusion, polyboards, reflectors // What is fill? // Hard vs Soft light // Flat vs Dimensional light // Inverse Square Law // Light fall off // Background Light // Fundamentals of light, understanding the physics // Setting up studio lights // Step by Step, setting up to take a portrait // Shooting tethered // 4 different ways to use only one light // Pitfalls and mistakes to avoid // Analyzing other photos we admire. Guessing what light setup was used. Training the eye // Learning about shadow patterns on the face // Catchlights // Quality of shadows // Adding in lights, How we can elevate the image with multiple lights. Background, kickers, hair lights, and more // Imitating natural light in the studio // Beauty lighting // Full body lighting // Gobos & flags

What others say

"I am so glad I took this course. It entailed so much more than I had expected and offered a dive into all areas of photography."

Hattie Blake, Great Britain, 2021

"A well-rounded curriculum on the world of studio & staged photography delivered by a versatile group of working professionals from various fields in the industry. I really enjoyed this course !"

Celine Chappert, France, 2022

"The program gave me a lot of confidence. I also made some friends that I will have forever. I would highly recommend it to anyone!"

Edda Petursdottir, Iceland, 2018/2019